Staff 2015


Bernadette Brinkman, Director
Michael Baroody, Senior Network Technician
Laura Boland, Aide
Sarah Bowers, Clerk
Jennifer Caccavale, Children’s Librarian
Elizabeth Carella, Senior Clerk
Judy Carpenter, Children’s Librarian
Kim Catalanello, Librarian 
Tracie Drake, Aide
Lyla Grills, Young Adult Librarian
Emma Hildreth. Aide 
Candice Johnson, Librarian
Sandy Klossner, Aide
Susan Lehmann, Aide

Judy Mathis, Senior Clerk
Gail McKay, Principal Clerk
Margaret O’Neil, Librarian
Kiran Rajamani, Aide 
Todd Randall, Librarian
Colin Rapp-Ellis, Aide
Steven Shon, Aide    
Lily Shung, Librarian
Marion Spencer, Senior Clerk
Lori Story, Principal Clerk
Kathleen Wakefield, Clerk
Gail Warth, Aide
Barbara Wolf, Maintenance 


In addition to our adult staff, the Penfield Library also offers job opportunities to qualified high school students who shelve, discharge books, and assist at the circulation desk. Applications may be obtained at the Reference Desk.

Penfield Public Library is an equal opportunity employer.