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Computer Classes at Monroe County Libraries


PCPublic libraries in Monroe County provide easy and, in most cases, free access to hundreds of computers for community residents. You can search the Internet, type an essay, create a resume, file your taxes, create posters for your next garage sale, and much more using the equipment available in our libraries. Many Monroe County libraries also offer free classes on using a computer. The current offerings are shown below.


Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County  

The Central Library offers Beginning Computer Use, Basic Internet/Computer Skills, Basic Microsoft Word 2010 and Basic Microsoft Excel 2010 classes. All classes meet in the Computer Lab on the first floor of the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building at the Central Library. Due to space limitations, pre-registration is required. Students may register by calling the Information Center at (585) 428-8020 or by visiting the Information Center Reference Desk in the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building. The classes are unique for each presentation; you can retake a class to learn more at that level. The following one-hour classes are held on a regular basis:  

  • Basic Computer Use - This beginner’s class introduces what a computer is and how it works. Learn the basics of computer hardware and popular software. You’ll also begin to practice using a mouse to open computer programs and navigate a webpage. Currently offered every other week.
  • Basic Internet and Computer Skills - Heard about the Internet and want to find out how to use it? Then this is the class for you! We'll introduce you to web searching through an Internet browser program. We will also explore some popular Internet websites. Currently offered every other week.
  • Basic Microsoft Word 2010 - Need to type up a resume, letter or report? This class will help you do that by introducing the basics of using Microsoft's word processor for the PC. Basic typing, editing and formatting in Word 2010 will be covered. Currently offered every other week.
  • Basic Microsoft Excel 2010 - Need to edit a spreadsheet, make changes to formulas within a spreadsheet, or understand how a spreadsheet works? This class will help you do that by introducing the basics of using Microsoft's Excel 2010 for the PC. Basic navigation, editing and formula creation in Excel 2010 will be covered. Currently offered every other week.

Brighton Memorial Library Computer Classes  

  • Mouse Maneuvers - Learn to maneuver the mouse and try keyboard shortcuts for an enjoyable experience online.
  • Internet Basics - Explore selected web sites on the World Wide Web using Internet Explorer. Learn how to use browser commands and locate web sites. Participants must have experience using the mouse, or have taken Mouse Maneuvers.
  • E-mail Basics - Open a free Yahoo e-mail account. Practice e-mail commands using your account. Participants must have surfed the World Wide Web and be proficient with the mouse, or have taken Internet Basics.
  • E-mail Advanced - Use the features of Yahoo e-mail to organize and enhance your messages. Create an address list and e-mail folders. Learn to send and open attachments. Participants must have surfed the World Wide Web and have a free e-mail account, or have taken E-mail Basics.
    These classes are offered on a regular basis and there is no limit. Each class is a one-hour, hands-on training session, taught by Brighton Memorial Library reference librarians. Brighton also offers three-part Microsoft Word and three-part Excel classes in the Spring and Fall. Call Brighton at 784-5300 for further information or visit  

Brockport-Seymour Library
The Seymour Library in Brockport offers “computer buddies," experienced computer users who provide one-on-one assistance for new computer users. Contact the Seymour Library at 637-1050 for further information.

Chili Public Library
The Chili Public Library offers a beginning Internet class and a class on email. Internet is offered once a month and email once a month for one hour. Pre-registration is required, and only four slots are available. Contact the Chili Library at 889-2200 or visit their website at for further information. 

Gates Public Library
The Gates Public Library offers one-on-one individualized training, based on what the patron wants to learn. Gates residents may receive up to three free sessions. Non-residents pay $10. Most classes are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 11 am. Other times available by appointment. Contact Cathy Carstens at or call the library at 247-6446.

Henrietta Public Library
The Henrietta Public Library offers Internet and online catalog instruction by request only, in addition to seasonal classes on using E-Bay. Contact the Henrietta Library at 359-7092 for further information.

Penfield Public Library
Penfield Public Library offers one-on-one individualized training based on what the patron wants to learn. Contact Penfield Public Library at 340-8720 for further information.

Pittsford Community Library
The Pittsford Community Library offers 2-3 of the following classes per month:

  • Microsoft Word 1 and 2 - Introductory courses designed to help students learn to create, edit and save documents.
  • MS Word Advanced - This class focuses on the versatile WordArt feature.
  • PowerPoint - Introductory two-session class designed to help students learn to create attractive, effective presentations.
  • PowerPoint: Digital Photo Albums - Create a personalized slide show to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Beginning Excel - Featured in a two-session or four-session class, this class will help students learn the skills needed to create, update, format, print and maintain an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Intermediate Excel – For those who already know the basics of Excel, this two-session class takes it to the next level. You will learn conditional formatting, the function wizard, subtotaling, comments, names and more.
  • Internet 1 - an introduction to the web.
  • Internet 2 - a continuation of Internet 1.
  • Computer Academy - a four session class designed for adults who have little or no experience using computers. Sessions include using the mouse, creating an e-mail account, surfing the web, and creating simple Word documents.
  • Computer Academy 2.0 - a two session class designed for adults who have completed Computer Academy. This class will allow students to review previous lessons and learn new aspects of Internet searching.
  • One-to-one Tech Help –This is a 15-minute individualized session with a PCL staff member to help new computer users solve simple problems. Only basic issues can be addressed. Examples include: setting up an email account, learning how to download eBooks from Overdrive , or changing the formatting on a Word document.

 Contact the Pittsford Community Library at 248-6275 for further information.



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