Rochester Images Order Form 

Use this form to order high-resolution image files of most photographs in the Rochester Images database.

For comprehensive information on ordering images, refer to Ordering Information.

We will place the image files you request on a CD and mail to you. This order form should be used if you need a high-resolution, publication quality scan. If you need a print of an image on photographic paper, the CD you order on this page can be taken to any number of photographic or printing businesses for that purpose. If you need a medium-resolution image for your own personal (non-commercial) use, you can print the image directly from your Internet browser, or you can save the image by right-clicking on the image in question and selecting "Save Image As". Popular images can also be found for purchase at our partner website, Library Commerce.

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Base Price* 
$15 (U.S.) for the first three (3) images shipped to North America 
$30 (U.S.) for the first three (3) images shppped internationally
*Shipping and Handling are included in the base price
  Add $3 (U.S.) for each additional image:
Image 4  
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Image 7  
Image 8  
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If you are ordering from New York State and/or having images shipped to New York State, you must include 8% sales tax to your order. 
This table will help you compute sales tax (New York State orders only) or click here for a tax chart (PDF format).
Three Images Add $1.20 sales tax
Four Images Add $1.44 sales tax
Five Images Add $1.68 sales tax
Six Images Add $1.92 sales tax
Compute total cost by starting with base price ($15 for deliveries to North America or $30 for International deliveries), then adding $3 for each additional image. New York State residents must then add 8% sales tax (see table above).
Before submitting and mailing this form, please remember: 
Images from the Albert R. Stone Negative Collection cannot be ordered here. Please refer to the Rochester Museum & Science Center page of the partners section for more information.




ALL ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID. Include a check or money order payable in U.S. Funds to Rochester Public Library

Orders can be sent most promptly if the Library's order from is filled out carefully and the correct amount of money is sent. Requests are filled in the order received. Please allow 10 DAYS from the time we receive your order. We cannot provide rush order service due to limited staffing. All images will be on CD's and sent via U.S. Mail.  

Please print this completed form and mail with payment to this address: 


Rochester Public Library
c/o Betty Spring
Catalog Department
115 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604