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FANTASY: Mythical Beasts and Magical Lands


Alexander, Lloyd.  How the Cat Swallowed Thunder.
Cat’s snooping about while in charge of Mother Holly’s house leads him deeper and deeper into trouble.

Auch, Mary Jane.  The Princess and the Pizza.
Can Princess Paulina beat the competition to win Prince Drupert in marriage? It all comes down to her quick thinking in the kitchen.

Brown, Jeff.  Stanley, Flat Again.*
Stanley Lambchop deflates again, but uses his flatness to advantage as he goes sailing.

Carman, Patrick.  Dark Hills Divide.*
In the Land of Elyon, great walls surround and connect the four cities, and guards keep all inhabitants confined within. Yet Alexa Daley, the mayor’s daughter, dreams of someday exploring the hills and forests beyond her reach. Will the hidden passageway she discovers be her way out?

Coville, Bruce.  Dragon of Doom.*
Edward’s life in the quiet, boring town of Pigbone takes a turn when Moongobble, a rather mediocre magician, and his talking toad move into a nearby cottage.

Cowley, Joy.  The Wishing of Biddy Malone.
Biddy, an Irish lass, hopes the magical faeries will grant her three fondest desires -- to dance, sing, and love well -- but she finds she can only achieve these dreams through her own effort.

Di Camillo, Kate.  The Tale of Despereaux.
This Newbery Medal winner is a tale about an unusual hero with large ears, princesses, a rat, and a dungeon.

DiTerlizzi, Tony.  The Field Guide.*
In this first book of The Spiderwick Chronicles, the Grace family moves into Great Aunt Lucinda’s old house and discovers a handbook to magical beings in a secret room.

Drake, Ernest.  Dr. Ernest Drake’s Dragonology.
A book for dragon lovers! This beautiful book discusses all aspects of dragon lore, from the different species to their behavior and how to work with these magical creatures.

Fleischman, Paul.  Weslandia.
Young Wesley goes from school outcast to hero when he lets his schoolmates into the remarkable “world” he has grown in his backyard.

Graham, Bob.  Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child.
Annabelle spends a lovely afternoon with a family of fairies she finds in the weeds near the fence.

Hodges, Margaret.  Merlin and the Making of the King.
Meet all the great Arthurian heroes and villains in this beautifully illustrated retelling of four legends.

Ibbotson, Eva.  The Secret of Platform 13.
A rescue party of a wizard, a hag, a giant, and a fairy enter London through a hidden door to rescue a prince who had been kidnapped from a magical island nine years earlier.

King-Smith, Dick.  Clever Lollipop.
When Princess Penelope’s pet pig, Lady Lollipop, falls ill from eating a poisoned plant, the funny little man who cures her stays on to become Princess Penelope’s tutor.

LeGuin, Ursula.  Jane on Her Own.*
Seeking adventure, the winged-cat Jane leaves home only to have her newfound freedom curtailed by a greedy human. Can Jane outwit her captor and continue her adventures?

Martin, Ann.  The Doll People.
Annabelle Doll leaves the safety of the doll house to embark on an adventure to find her missing Aunt Sarah. Humor and suspense abound in this tale.

Meddaugh, Susan.  Lulu’s Hat.
The day her dog, Hereboy, disappears into her magician’s hat and doesn’t return, Lulu follows him and has a series of adventures in Deep Magic Space.

Pullman, Philip.  I Was a Rat!
Was the scruffy boy named Roger once a rat, as he insists, and is he now the “Monster of the Sewers” as the tabloid called The Daily Scourge has dubbed him?

Robertson,  M.P.  The Egg.
George finds a gigantic egg in his mother’s henhouse and befriends the dragon that hatches from it!

Rodda, Emily.  Rowan of Rin.*
Young Rowan must accompany a group of villagers on a quest to save their village when the water supply dries up.

Stewart, Paul.  Beyond the Deepwoods.*
Twig, who has always known he does not resemble his troll family, learns he is adopted and decides to leave the Deepwoods in search of his true destiny.

Vande Velde, Vivian.  Wizard at Work.
Princesses in distress and other magical mishaps lead a young wizard into a series of adventures instead of the quiet summer vacation he had anticipated.


Barry, Dave.  Peter and the Starcatchers.
In this prequel to Peter Pan, full of high-seas adventures,  you will learn how Peter came to fly and why he will never get old.

Billingsley, Franny.  The Folk Keeper.
A tale of orphaned Corinna who disguises herself as a boy so that she can pose as a Folk Keeper and take care of the savage Folk.

Collins, Suzanne.  Gregor the Overlander.*
When Gregor and his sister tumble down an air duct and into a strange underground world, they trigger an epic battle involving men, bats, rats, cockroaches, and spiders.

DuPrau, Jeanne.  City of Ember.
Doon and Lina live in the dismal City of Ember, where only artificial light exists. Citizens here have lost the knowledge of fire so no one dares venture past city limits into the Unknown Regions. But failing generators and frequent blackouts force changes, especially for the main characters!

Farmer, Nancy.  Sea of Trolls.
Jack, a Saxon boy who is a bard’s apprentice, and his little sister Lucy are kidnapped by Viking berserkers, an event that sets in motion Jack’s quest to recover song-mead from the home of the trolls.

Ferris, Jean.  Once Upon a Marigold.
When Christian leaves his forest home and the troll who raised him, and takes work in the castle of Princess Marigold, he discovers a plot against the princess and her father he must thwart.

Funke, Cornelia.  Inkheart.
12-year-old Meggie uncovers her father’s secret “talent” of bringing fictional characters to life just by reading aloud. The problem is, what if one of these characters turns out to be a dangerous villain?

Gaiman, Neil.  Coraline.
One rainy day, Coraline opens the 14th door in her family’s new flat and enters a creepy alternative universe, from which she must rescue her parents.

Langrish, Katherine.  Troll Fell.
In this Norse tale, Peer, an orphaned boy living with his two unscrupulous uncles, is always fearful of Granny Green-teeth, a creature lurking in the nearby millpond. He soon realizes he has much more to fear from his uncles’ evil plotting!

Lasky, Kathryn.  The Capture.*
Kicked out of the nest by a nasty older brother, Soren the barn owl finds himself kidnapped and made a prisoner at St. Aegolius Academy, an owl reform school. Will his rebellion against his captors lead to freedom?

Levine, Gail Carson.  Two Princesses of Bamarre.
When her courageous sister Meryl is stricken with the Gray Death, timid Addie must set out on a quest to find a cure.

Nimmo, Jenny.  Midnight for Charlie Bone.*
When Charlie’s sinister grandmother and great-aunts discover he can hear people in photographs, they send him to Bloor’s Academy where he stumbles upon a mystery.

Oppel, Kenneth.  Silverwing.*
Separated from his colony during migration, the undersized bat Silverwing faces an incredible journey to rejoin his flock.

Petty, J.T.  Clemency Pogue, Fairy Killer.
Clemency Pogue is a girl who listens to the stories she’s told. Upon being informed that she had inadvertently killed six other fairies while defending herself against one evil one, she travels around the world to set things right.

Rowling, J.K.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.*
In this fifth book about Harry Potter, Harry finds himself discredited by the Daily Prophet, seemingly abandoned by Dumbledore, and having to endure the New Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, the toady Dolores Umbridge.

Sage, Angie.  Magyk.
Just who is Septimus Heap? Is he the apprentice to the evil DomDaniel, or was he the seventh son of Silas Heap who supposedly died at birth? This is only one of many mysteries you will encounter in this fast-paced tale of Extraordinary Wizards.

Said, S.F.  Varjak Paw.
Cat-lovers will cheer as Varjak Paw leaves his sheltered existence as a housecat behind to foil a plot to turn cats into robot-like toys.

Yolen,  Jane.  Sword of the Rightful King.
In this wonderful retelling of the legend of the sword in the stone, Merlinnus the wizard is outwitted as he tries to secure Arthur’s place on the throne.


 *Ask your librarian for more books in this series.