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"One book can do what even the greatest toy cannot do: inspire a child to laugh, imagine, appreciate art, and understand human nature."  (Steven Kellogg)

Magic happens when you bring children and books together. Stories that mesmerize, characters that become friends, and illustrations that stimulate the imagination become important childhood memories. Few activities create a warmer relationship between parents and children than reading aloud, which provides far more than the pleasure of a good book shared together.

Great beginnings for babies begin with board books. Check your local library’s collection.

The American Library Association recognizes that there are six skills that children must master in order to learn to read. The books recommended in this brochure have been selected for toddlers and preschoolers because each one encourages the development of one or more of these skills.

·     Print Motivation: an interest in and enjoyment of books

·     Vocabulary: knowing the names of things

·     Phonological Awareness: being able to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words

·     Letter Knowledge: knowing letters are different from each other, knowing their names and sounds, and recognizing letters everywhere

·     Print Awareness: noticing print everywhere, knowing how to handle a book, and knowing how to follow the words on a page

·     Narrative Skills: being able to describe things and events and to tell stories

Every time you talk, sing, read, write, or play with your child you are fostering language development. Additional information can be found at

The books on this list meet the criteria that you should look for in any good children’s book. Books will broaden your child’s horizons through pictures and words and will help develop qualities of compassion, a sense of humor and understanding. They have child appeal, but aren’t childish, nor do they talk down to children. The language is colorful and descriptive and the style of the illustrations match the image of what is being conveyed.




Baker, Keith
No Two Alike
Bang, Molly
All of Me! a Book of Thanks
Beaumont, Karen
I Like Myself!
Bee, William
And the Train Goes...
Bloom, Suzanne
A Splendid Friend, Indeed
Braun, Sebastien
Meeow and the Little Chairs
Cabrera, Jane
Kitty's Cuddles
Carle, Eric
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
Cocca-Leffler, Maryann
Time to Say Bye Bye
Crews, Nina
Neighborhood Mother Goose
Dale, Penny
The Boy on the Bus
Dodd, Emma
I am Small
Fox, Mem
Hello Baby
Garcia, Emma
Tip Tip Dig Dig
Gibbs, Edward
I Spy with my Little Eye
Gravett, Emily
Orange Pear Apple Bear
Hines, Anna
1,2, Buckle My Shoe
Hubbell, Patricia
Cars: rushing! honking! zooming!
Isadora, Rachel
Peekaboo Morning
Jocelyn, Marthe
ABC x 3: English, Espanol, Francais
Jocelyn, Marthe
Ones and Twos
Katz, Karen
Ten Tiny Babies
Kohuth, Jane
Duck Sock Hop
Lyon, George
Trucks Roll
MacDonald, Suse
Shape by Shape
Martin, Bill
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to Sleep?
Martin, Bill
Ten Little Caterpillars
Mortensen, Denise
Wake Up Engines
Newgarden, Mark
Bow-wow Bugs a Bug
Patricelli, Leslie
Faster! Faster!
Portis, Antoinette
Not a Box
Root, Phyllis
Flip Flap Fly!
Sierra, Judy
Sleepy Little Alphabet: a bedtime story from Alphabet Town
Siy, Alexandra
One tractor, a Counting Book
Steggall, Susan
Rattle and rap
Stein, David Ezra
Thompson, Lauren
Chew, Chew, Gulp
Thompson, Lauren
Leap Back Home to Me
Warnes, Tim
Daddy hug
Weeks, Sarah
Bunny fun
Wellington, Monica
Truck driver Tom
Wells, Rosemary
Max's ABC
Wells, Rosemary
Mother Goose's little treasures
Wood, Audrey
Blue Sky
Zuckerman, Andrew
Creature ABC




Ajmera, Maya
What we Wear
Arnosky, Jim
Babies in the Bayou
Basher, Simon
ABC Kids
Beaumont, Karen
Who ate all the cookie dough?
Bloom, Suzanne
Feeding Friendsies
Clark, Leslie Anne
Clarke, Jane
Stuck in the Mud
Coffelt, Nancy
Big, bigger, biggest
Cote, Genevieve
Me and you
Crow, Kristyn
Bedtime at the swamp
Cuyler, Margery
Princess Bess gets dressed
Dewdney, Anna
Llama Llama Home With Mama
Donaldson, Julia
Where's my mom?
Dunn, Todd
We go together
Griffith, Helen
Hall, Michael
Perfect Square
Hamilton, K.R.
Red truck
Heller, Lora
Sign Language ABC
Hest, Amy
Little chick
Hillenbrand, Jane
What a treasure!
Hillenbrand, Will
Kite Day
Jarrett, Clare
Arabella Miller's tiny caterpillar
Judge, Lita
Red Sled
LeGuin, Ursula
Cat dreams
Lithgow, John
I got two dogs
McLeod, Bob
Superhero ABC
Meadows, Michelle
Hibernation Station
Merz, Jennifer
Playground day!
Park, Linda Sue
What does Bunny see?: a book of colors and flowers
Patricelli, Leslie
Be Quiet, Mike
Portis, Antoinette
Princess Super Kitty
Raschka, Christopher
A Ball for Daisy
Scieszka, Jon
Smash! Crash!
Seeger, Laura
One boy
Shields, Carol
Wombat Walkabout
Stileman, Kali
Roly Poly Egg
Stills, Caroline
House of Twelve Bunnies
Stockdale, Susan
Fabulous fishes
Stower, Adam
Silly Doggy
Suen, Anastasia
Road Work Ahead
Swanson, Susan
The House in the Night
Thomas, Jan
Birthday for Cow
Timmers, Leo
Who is driving?
Walsh, Ellen Stoll
Balancing Act
Wild, Margaret
Little crooked house
Willems, Mo
Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator
Wilson, Karma
Bear's new friend