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One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is to help him or her grow as a reader. We offer the following tips for parents to help children gain confidence in their reading skills by using the public library to select and enjoy good books to read.  

  • Make library visits a regularly scheduled family activity.
  • Get a library card for yourself and for your child as soon as the child is eligible. Ask about your library's requirements for getting a card.
  • Attend library story times together and visit the library for programs for children.
  • Help your child select books to borrow, but be sure to allow the child to choose as well.
  • Use the computer to look up titles and authors.
  • At home, establish a regular spot for library books. Mark your calendar or a special note card to remind you of the date the books are due and when to make a return visit.
  • Let your child see you enjoy books.

    Enjoy reading together.