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The Rochester Images database is searched via the Online Catalog, the same way books and other library material are searched. However, there are some important differences in searching for images.

Using Rochester Images as a source for Genealogical Research
Reference sources most commonly used in Rochester Images Research 

General Searching Tips

  • Don't specify your search. Just type in your words and let the Online Catalog do the work for you. You'll get better results and you'll get to know the database better.
  • Click on the thumbnail image to retrieve a larger image. Use the 'Back' button on your browser to return to the record. The screen image may be printed or saved for educational and research purposes. See each partner's copyright information for any restrictions.
  • Keep it simple. Use general keyword searches. The database is still small. Don't be too specific yet. Come back often. Records are added everyday so come back as it will grow
  • All quick searches are available in the Online Catalog (//t (for title), //n (for name), //w, etc.) so feel free to use these as well. A word search (//w) is the best type of search to do.
  • To exit the Online Catalog click on Exit in the blue bar at the top of the page. You will return to this page. Information about the collections, copyrights and how to order images are not available in the Online Catalog.
  • Click on Help in the gray bar at the top of the page for basic help about searching the Online Catalog.

Specific Features You May Find Useful

  • Browse by collection. By doing a series browse on the letter a (//sa) you'll be able to see all the collections. You can then pick a collection and browse through it.
  • You can use date limiting. Format your searches as follows:
               //wgeva  [d>1880]
               //wrailroads [d=1941]
               //wmain street rochester [d<1920]
  • The ability to sort your results by author, title, date is available for sets of 500 records or less.
  • Your search terms will appear in bold in the record.
  • To be sure that your search has retrieved all images on a certain subject, click on the title of the image to retrieve the catalog record. The catalog record will list the subjects the image was cataloged under. Click on any one of the subjects to retrieve a list of other images for that subject.
  • You can create a personal list. After you 'View your list' use the 'view full records' button to see thumbnails with full records together.
  • To search for both books and images click on Change Database in the gray bar at the top of the page and select both Public Libraries in Monroe County, N.Y. and Rochester Images.

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