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The girl who takes an eye for an eye
David Lagercrantz

It's Halloween, Chloe Zoe!
Jane Smith

It's Thanksgiving, Chloe Zoe!
Jane Smith

Keep her safe
Sophie Hannah

Schomburg : the man who built a library
Carole Boston Weatherford

Wicked bugs : the meanest, deadliest, grossest bugs on earth
Amy Stewart

Alone : Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk : Defeat into Victory
Michael Korda

Altered traits : science reveals how meditation changes your mind, brain, and body
Daniel Goleman

The autobiography of Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane

Annalee Newitz

Can you find my robot's arm?
Chihiro Takeuchi

De-escalate : how to calm an angry person in 90 seconds or less
Douglas Noll

The demon's door
Chris Grabenstein

East of the Mississippi : nineteenth-century American landscape photography

A grandfather's lessons : in the kitchen with Shorey
Jacques Pépin

James Patterson

Hedgehugs : autumn hide and squeak
Steve Wilson

How to be an elephant : growing up in the African wild
Katherine Roy

The Kardashians : an American drama
Jerry Oppenheimer

Little fires everywhere : a novel
Celeste Ng

Love and other consolation prizes : a novel
Jamie Ford

Presidents : every question answered, everything you could possibly want to know about the nation's chief executives
Carter Smith

Stolen words
Melanie Florence

Swallowing mercury
Wioletta Greg

The Twelve-Mile Straight : a novel
Eleanor Henderson

Unshakeable trust : find the joy of trusting God at all times, in all things
Joyce Meyer

The western star
Craig Johnson

Age of TV heroes
Jason Hofius

The book of massively epic engineering disasters
Sean Connolly

Caroline : Little House, revisited
Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Detroit : the dream is now : the design, art, and resurgence of an American city
Michel Arnaud

Language hacking Italian : a conversation course for beginners
Benny Lewis

The mighty Captain Marvel. Vol. 1, Alien nation
Margaret Stohl

When I cast your shadow
Sarah Porter

When planet Earth was new
James Gladstone

Falaq Kagda

Animals : English-Farsi

Sakina Dhilawala

Bernie Sanders guide to political revolution
Bernard Sanders

Dino dilemma
Donald B Lemke

Finish : give yourself the gift of done
Jonathan Acuff

First time Tunisian crochet : step-by-step basics plus 5 projects
Margaret Hubert

Ford Edge & Lincoln MKX 2007-14 repair manual : covers U.S. and Canadian models of Ford Edge & Lincoln MKX 2007 through 2014
Jeff Killingsworth

Glass houses
Louise Penny

Godzilla FAQ : all that's left to know about the king of the monsters
Brian Solomon

Have you seen my lunch box?
Steve Light

High performance habits : how extraordinary people become that way
Brendon Burchard

Kids like me ... learn colors
Laura Ronay

Sakina Kagda

Little i
Michael Hall

Patricia Sheehan

Mouse Rushmore
Lindsey Leavitt

The Orchard book of Roman myths
Geraldine McCaughrean

Policing Ferguson, policing America : what really happened -- and what the country can learn from it
Thomas Jackson

The savvy cook
Izy Hossack

Schoolhouse of secrets
Penumbra Quill

Stan Lee : the man behind Marvel
Bob Batchelor

Roseline NgCheong-Lum

Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes
David Walker

The TB12 method : how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance
Tom Brady

That's my book! and other stories
Salina Yoon

Too shattered for mending
Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Volodymyr Bassis

Yoga bug : simple poses for little ones
Sarah Jane Hinder

Books! books! books! : explore the amazing collection of the British Library
Mick Manning

Dead in the water
Denise Swanson

Diana : her true story in her own words
Andrew Morton

Emma in the night
Wendy Walker

The golden compass : the graphic novel
Philip Pullman

Good night, Planet : a Toon book

Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 2, Knowhere to run
Marty Isenberg

Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 3, One in a million you
Steven Melching

Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 4, Take the Milano and run
Andrew R. Robinson

Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 1, Road to knowhere
Marty Isenberg

Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 6, Undercover angle
Marsha Griffin

Guinness world records 2018.

The half baked harvest cookbook : recipes from my barn in the mountains
Tieghan Gerard

Nipêhon = I wait
Caitlin Dale Nicholson

Older than dirt : a kinda-sorta biography of Earth
Don Brown

The origin of others
Toni Morrison

Poison : deadly deeds, perilous professions, and murderous medicines
Sarah Albee

The proving
Beverly Lewis

Queen's quality
Kyousuke Motomi

Roger is going fishing
Koen Van Biesen

Super Max and the mystery of Thornwood's revenge
Susan Vaught

Texas fierce
Janet Dailey

The writing desk
Rachel Hauck